School Districts

StreamPros Master Management is the perfect application for any school district that offers athletic programs. The Master Management Platform provides both individual team channels, with unique live and on-demand management for each team. Our With Unlimited Channels for each team with identical individual controls.  This provides a flexibility in staffing the platform operation.  Along with a host of features for each school, the district office has global access.  The Master Management also provides an easy to understand collective stats panel that identifies, location, time viewed, stored content, and bandwidth allocations.  For more information use the contact form below, or call 1-617.401.4258

Cable Access TV

StreamPros Master is a great way for any cable access TV group to deliver live and on-demand streaming content. Whether you have a single community that you provide service to or several, StreamPros Master Management provides each community with a unique admin panel to set-up unlimited channels, and On-demand storage.  Each live channel offers Auto Save that makes their available with in minutes of the live program. Each video can be downloaded to edit, of turn it on immediately after the airing.  Along with the community based features, your members have the same opportunities to create their unique channels in the same way.  These Channels can be viewed not the master player page that each is a part of the platform.  StreamPros also provides PPV, and weekly, monthly, and annual subscriptions, 

Collage –  Amateur – Semi Pro –  Sports 

We love our young athletes, and they love playing. StreamPros Master Management provides the opportunity have their skills feature to their family no matter where in the world they may live.  StreamPros Master  Management provides the league to set-up each team independently of each other.  Depending upon the the nature of your league, you’ll have the ability for each player to have their own individual player channel.  This provides a  place to have all the player stats, videos, audio messages, and a place for scouts to login to evaluate a player, and either ask a question, or make a comment.  There are other features that are included with StreamPros Master Management also offers different ways to monetize live games, including PPV, Donation and Subscription platforms.  For additional Information fill out the form below or call 1-617-401-8258


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