StreamPros Live

Live streaming today has become, for the most part, pretty reliable. There are conditions that that can turn reliability into frustrations, and when these frustrations arise they can ruin what otherwise had been a wonderful day into one that can bring a grown man (or woman) to tears. We know because after 17 years of delivering live content we’ve needed tissues more than once. These lessons have been our “street cred”, and it’s been our commitment to our customers and business. 17 Years ago the only way you could learn was by doing. These where the days when internet speeds were significantly slower, and formats on streaming servers were not as commonplace as they are today. Live streaming on the cloud was not available, and the assumptions of what should have worked quickly there reasons why it didn’t. We were lucky in that we had clients that were as committed as we were to get it right. Clients like, CBS and BP. We were fortunate enough to lear our craft from organizations like Oxfam, The Boston Marathon, and The New England Conservatory of Music. While these maybe all well in good in touting our experience, however, the reasons you need to consider a content delivery network like StreamPros are the real reason your here. Reasons like protecting your content and Insuring that you control the rights and marketing distribution of your content, and not social media. With StreamPros your content can simulcasts to Facebook, and YouTube live, and when you’ve finished you have you have control of either leaving it on their servers, or in StreamPros where your content is protected, and lets not forget that Facebook, or YouTube.  There are lots more reasons why StreamPros is the right choice for anyone who is a streaming professional, or someone that who want to become one.  

Live Streaming The Way you Want

Live streaming has changed our way of connecting with the world. Broadcasting,Business, Government, Sports, Education, and Worship, are just some of the ways we provide live streaming services to our clients. The StreamPros Platform has advanced features including, Auto Storage, Simulcasting to Social Media, Intigrated eCommerce, and optional private viewing are just some of the feartures StreamPros provides.  The StreamPros platform and all content is stored and streamed on The Amazon Cloud for exceptional delivery and reliability.

High School Sports Live

Live Streaming has never been easier for Sport Leagues Or High Schools than with StreamPros Sports, One Platform where each teach creates their own Identity and Channel. One easy to manage platform management panel that provides continuity of management that provides assurance of management. StreamPros Master Management also provide Instant live game storage, and a cost management tool to understand that provides accountability. Aside from the management tools StreamPros provides a monetization platform that can go along way towards underwriting your broadcasts, while providing students with an educational experience that will let them stream games just like the pros.