Can I stream Remotely?

Yes. StreamPros is a Web based application. It’s been build on Amazon Web Services Cloud and you’ll be able to stream from anywhere on the globe to anywhere on the globe. As long as you have internet access StreamPros an AWS will do the rest.

What is the Difference Between RTMP & RTSP Streaming

When you use a network camera, then you’ll need to use rtsp (real time streaming protocol) This is the fastest and most direct way to live stream. An rtmp stream (real time media protocol) has no IP address affiliated with the source, and an encoder is then required. 

Will My Stream Be InteruptedIf exceed my Plan Limits

NO.  Each accounts comes with streaming protection up to 1 Tb for live streams.  You payment method will be charged upon the completion of your streaming event. Our rates start at $0.20 up to 500 Gb’s and reduce to $0.10 at 2 TB

Do you offer private viewing?

Yes.  We offer single use password protection, and private password protected accounts for subscription and pay-per-view accounts.  Each viewer has their own unique account that provides billing and other “MY Account” information for your viewers convenience, and security.

Do You Provide A Payment Gateway?

WE Offer two.  Stripe and Pay Pal are the two payment gateways that we offer with StreamPros.  You can use your existing account or apply.  When you charge a customer you get the entire amount less what the gateways charge.  We charge a transaction fee to the user independently of your charges. 

Do You Provide Live Support?

Yes. Each new account is provide with two hours of live support for trying and set-up. Live support is also available on an hourly basis for live streaming events, or additional training. After your two hour-set-up and platform trying your inquires are answered within 1 hour during regular business hours Mon-Fri 8am to 5 pm eastern standard time.  Email support is also available on weekend and will be answered in as prompt a fashion as possible.  

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