The Changing Times

None of us could have foreseen the Covid-19 Pandemic, and how it has changed the traditional worship traditions.  Now new traditions have taken a foothold on the way we worship. At  StreamPros we value the importance of bringing the connection and traditions of celebration to those who for reasons too plentiful to mention, the shared experience of unity, regardless of the distance.

Hearts & Hugs

While we may not be able to give hugs, we can touch hearts. Over the years our hearts have been touched repeatedly. There are both acknowledged moments that provide a reassurance of the work we do. Live streaming has an untold impact globally. Your mission impacts your congregants, and that is your mission. Yet, the untold impact is something to ponder.

Worship Management

Your house of worship is complex. Worship services, Coming of age Services, Weddings, and Memorial services are all part of your mission.  We understand and because of this there are no limits on the number of channels in your account, and they can be streamed simultaneously from different locations.  Along with this your can have password protected viewing that is password protect for for those who prefer it,.

Our Partners

Working With Xfinity Business provides an opportunity to cut through the red tape, and cutting through the red tape is a miracal.
The best decision we made as a business was to build, manage, and stream our content on AWS.  There global reach and reliability is the backbone of our service
Steve Lipman
With are StreamPros Worship you’ll bet able to simulcast your services.
Simulcast To
Facebook & YouTube Live

Our Guiding Moment

In 2006 We Streamed Our First Service. It was from Cambridge, Massachusetts, to an African Village. It was a memorial service for an associate. Their family had no way to attend. The goose bumps were shared by all that attended on both sides of the Atlantic. This heart warming moment has been one of many that has been the guiding light of our work