Renewable Residual Income With StreamPros

While the internet has become a hot bed of opportunity since its first to hold in the early and mid 90’s, finding entry today is a bit more challenging then back then. Today, the expense to find a direction to the passive income that has become the mantra for online entrepreneurs. While a great idea will always find an audience, the costs involved to become competitive can be staggering, and for some a cold shower of reality. While the hot bed is alive and well, in the view of many the gee whizz of this hot bed is live and on demand video. It also requires highly technical skills that add to costs of starting any new business.

What is StreamPros & Master Management Platform?

Understanding StreamPros is the first essential step in understanding why it’s simply better. First, StreamPros was designed and developed by Network, Software, & Broadcast Professionals. Starting in 2004 with research and our first live stream for a CBS in Boston, our educations has been through the real life lessons that only time can offer. As the industry advanced used a variety of Content Delivery Companies. While each had benefits and drawbacks, what we recognized that the best solutions was to provide our own. What we have come up with is a platform that has 99% uptime that have been developed using the AWS server bank, and is globally broadcast on the AWS Ec2 & Cloudfront Platforms. Our direction is two pronged and these advanced reliability, while providing that are measurable in understand how your video monetization is performing. The Master Management platforms provides another opportunity and that is to provide our resellers, with exactly the same set up tools that we use for our direct customers, however, now you can utilize these same tools to enhance your business opportunities.