StreamPros Systems

In 2003 we began studying and developing the skills necessary to stream live video data. This was at a time when dial-up internet service was more common than not. Even broadband had its limitations, and we were among the first to utilize a Content Delivery Network, and in 2005 we were among the first to deliver live video content successfully. The very first live streaming video for CBS in Boston was provided by us, and we haven’t look back. We became the go vendor for CBS Boston for the next 5 years, and at that time the growth of the industry had become such that it was necessary to them to establish their own in house streaming department. We also were privilege to provide services for The Boston Marathon, The American Little League, Olympus, The Greater Grace World Outreach Church, The States of Oregon, and Wyoming fish and wildlife departments, Oakley, and many others. There is hardly an industry that we have not provided streaming solutions for. We are a US-based company, and our technical skills in application development experience is far reaching. The benefit to you and your streaming requirements will benefit from the applications that have been designed and included in StreamPros.

Staying current with the streaming videos technology is what has been key to our business. The changes in content delivery keep expanding and the as they expand we have led the way in providing solutions that are fit the needs of this ever changing industry. With the expansive use of social media platforms we are offering multicasting to Facebook and YouTube Live, as well as, embed code to play on any platform. This is one more advancement in the StreamPros platform that assist you in the global distribution of your content. The wide assortment of features within StreamPros include, Pay Per View, Subscription Service, Private Viewing, Individualized Viewer Login Pages, Custom Page Design, Stats, and a host of other features. Understanding that the features are only as good as the platform they are built on is why The StreamPros Platform is load balanced on the AWS Cloud Network. This means dependable live stream globally with confidence.